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Industrial design

We design products to manufacture industrially mastered various areas of industrial design, electronics, electro hospital electromadicina beauty, furniture, auto parts, entertainment, lighting and many more.

We at ABS rapid prototyping for the development of parts of industrial products.

We at ABS rapid prototyping. In just 72 hours.




  • Evaluate the ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Evaluate the affordances of an object
  • Evaluate the mechanical behavior
  • Simulate the system assembly
  • Improve communication between project teams
  • Simulate ventilation vents
  • Perform assessment electromagnetic metallized parts.


prototipado rápido

Preseries - Prototypes - Functional products:


Get product samples and pre-series based on a standard model manufactured by FDM or CNC molds and prototype molds before investing in the end. Evaluate materials, colors, finishes, graphics. Promote your product to potential customers and investors anticipate the production launch. (+)


prototipado rápido


3D scanner. reverse Engineering

Luisi design argues that reverse engineering is the process used to acquire the technological principles of a device, object or system through abductive reasoning of its structure, function and operation. Reverse engineering consists of information from a product or component, in order to determine what it's made, how it was made and what makes it work. Many products are subject to reverse engineering, the most common are computer programs and electronic components, but basically almost any process can be subjected to an analysis of Reverse Engineering. For industrial design practices in new products is important to make a difference through their image, sign and innovations and compete lowering costs or optimized production processes. It is good practice to copy, in new product launches and usage scenarios that are usually unique to each market. Reverse engineering is commonly applied for measuring the standard objects or components that form part of a product for a virtual 3D set for study, analysis and remodeling.


escaneado 3d


We extensively scans that meet the expectations of 3D modeling using a 3D laser digitizing arm.


We use the highest quality professional technology tools.

herramientas tecnologicas


What is and what is the application of industrial design?

Industrial design primarily acts as a bridge between people and products. The scope is very broad and tends to balance the interests of consumers and social approaches, such as the requirements of industrial activity, environmental sustainability and product safety.


An industrial design is the projection of objects, ie manufactured by machines. Industrial design is the strategy used by companies to to reach the top positions, adding value to their products and / or services through innovation, and improving production costs through product engineering. Aesthetics and function go hand in hand, is so important technology package used as aesthetic enhancement and pioneering approach in a product. The balance of aesthetics and function depend mainly on the type of product to be designed.


The application of industrial design in a product is almost always accompanied by promotional graphics, brand or name of a company to which they belong, in defining centrandoce text, images, colors and textures. For more information visit our service area promotional graphics.


What is manufacturing?

In design luisi believe that manufacturing is an industrial product, ie the transformation of raw materials into a product that is already completely finished ready to be intended for sale. The distribution of manufacturing is in charge of the area offices of the company. Known also as secondary industry, covering different areas of manufacturing, high technology, crafts, among others, but the term usually applies to refer to industrial production that transforms raw materials into finished goods.

Optimization of production lines

In Luisi improve design processes in production lines from design. We survey and control the different production processes. We have tools for effectively reducing costs, improving product quality and process performance. We design and development of molds for thermoforming. Design and development of injection molds.


Technical Product Documentation

  • Sheet assembly processes and process flowcharts
  • Wiring and piping diagrams
  • Parts sheet
  • Instructional control and verification records


Standardized technical drawings:

  • Plane CNC
  • Plane pieces or parts
  • mechanical explosion
  • Device Plans
  • Mounting Plane
  • Plans for Tooling


3D modeling and presentations:

In design offer great posivilidades Luisi to conduct a product idea. Initially make conceptual sketches, then 3D modeling, renderings and video ending product. <+>





Rapid prototyping in just 72(+)hours. Argentine Industrial Design.


diseño de productos





Information certificates for electronic products and medical equipment hospital:


Much of debenán electronic products be certified by recognized laboratories.

INTI: Accredited Certifier


The value of international accreditation. The laboratory accreditation provides assurance that it is working properly. Thus, an organization has decided to implement a quality management system, relies on the competence of the accreditation body and asks chosen evaluation. To achieve, is recognized by the rest of the international community with which the accreditation has agreements.


More info at:


Other laboratory certificates:

More info at:


Regulatory agencies for medical equipment:


The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT)


La Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Medica (ANMAT) more info:



Application and classification rules:


logo isologo iramlogo iec


ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 13485 Medical Devices IRAM 3800 / OHSAS 18001


The IEC is a standardization organization leading the development and publication of international standards for electrical and electronic technology, commonly known as electro technology.


The schemes developed IEC conformity assessment used to certify equipment, systems and components in accordance with international standards.


Other applicable management system.


CE HACCCP Plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Series IRAM 42000 (Quality Management for the Tourism Sector) IRAM 90600 (Claims Management System) ISO / TS 16949 (Implementation of ISO 9001 in the Automotive Industry) ISO 17025 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories)



Design Registration industial:


DESIGN LUISI suggests legally protecting industrial design, so as to ensure the uniqueness of specific data as proprietary. The same may be managed by our customers or by LUISI DESIGN.


National Institute of Industrial Property


The IMPI is the state agency responsible for the enforcement of industrial property protection.


logo-inpi more info:



Servicios de modelado 3D