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Procesos del diseño


Luisi diseño projects focuses on objectives defined by our customers. Based on such a dynamic working with progressive levels of definition it is made. After each step a selection of concepts in a group where the functional advantages and disadvantages are analyzed it was made. For us it is important the perspective of our customers and that the main objectives focus on meeting them.


luisi diseño


luisi diseño


Luisi design studio. Design services for companies and entrepreneurs.



In LUISI design using high-tech tools for both the design and the manufacture of prototypes. These tools allow us to define complex new or existing designs reshape 3D models. Besides the tecnolagía today allows us to deliver excellence models to evaluate in the short term. <+>


luisi diseño


luisi diseño






























Luisi design is a study of industrial design, 3D art and advertising. We offer a wide range of services: Product design, development of plans, project documentation and production management, parts manufacturing, prototypes and molds.


Design and animation of 3D characters. Development of 3D environments and architectural visualizations.


CGI illustration, character design, 3D modeling and texturing, rigging for games and film We make assets for games.


Advertising, brochures, posters, signage. Web design and social networks.



A budget of the project is made and a scheme of the work to be treated is defined. A 50% payment is requested for the start and after the delivery the rest is paid.


For medium- and large-scale projects, a progressive work scheme is established, defined by stages. Where at the end of each stage the approval is requested to advance to the next stage. We also work with an advance payment of 50% and the rest upon receiving the delivery of the material of the stage. In this way, the customer with each paid stage receives a delivery, until obtaining the total result of the project.



Luisi design studio has 10 years of experience offering remote services from Argentina to the world.


We work with the most popular tools to please all kinds of technical and artistic requirements.

Alfredo Luisi.


Designer and 3D CGI artist

Luisi founder of design studio.


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We maintain that the most important thing in a service is human capital and that is why we keep the same old staff, adding up their experience and trajectory. What allows us a continuous improvement in our services permanently.



Our business alliance external, local and global suppliers make no limitations exist in different parts manufacturing, tooling and processes that occur in projects to try.



We optimize production costs through industrial design and apply continuous innovation as a strategy to reach the top. We provide a comprehensive service. We use tools and techniques to tackle projects of various scales from conception to implementation thereof.




LUISI source design features, sketches, models, videos, patents, which guarantee the originality of our works exhibited in galleries files. LUISI DESIGN © 2008. All rights reserved. Argentina, Federal Capital.



LUISI design suggests protecting industrial design law, so as to ensure the exclusivity of specific data as proprietary. The same can be managed by our customers or by LUISI DESIGN.


Rapid Prototyping


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